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Music Ecology at Flux feat/ Beta Ghosts, ConnetICON, Don Fochi and Alex Russo

Spektre v2.1 at Precinct was so much fun, we're gonna call it home, but first they have to renovate, so we'll be back there in March. Meanwhile we thought we'd bring the vibe south of the ...

Genesis Anniversary and Final Party!!!

We've partied like there's no tomorrow and then we partied some more. Over the past year it has been an honor and a privilege to share our creative ideas with you. We've partied with the likes of ...

Genesis with Moduloktopus and DJ Steppo

Makes boundless genres ranging from House, Breaks, Glitch, Juke, Experimental Dubstep, Chillout, Moombahton, Future Garage & many more varying hybrids. With this flexible Diversity,

The live shows offer all original music, a divine taste of zestful guest performers, and the ...

Bass Glutton & Nite Krawla at Genesis

Bass Glutton (

Producer Nick Smeed wanted to take his music back to where he started before the aggressive styles of his more commonly know identity of L.E.D.FUT took over. Even as L.E ...

Genesis with Wheez-ie and Doctor Jeep

Music Ecology crew in association with VJ Adrenochrome (Projected Reality) and deco designer Kate Van Rees brings you another installment of Genesis @ Machine Boston - a unique party experience. Our musical guests this month are Wheez-ie and Doctor Jeep.

Wheez-ie ...





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