Viewing events from January, 2011

Durians with Eelko and Ammon EP

Durians (NY)
“ ambitious and highly danceable experiment, recalling STS9 at their most electro, or perhaps Daft Punk at their most organic...” - Dan Bolles, 7Days Magazine, Burlington, VT Dec 15th, 2010
Named after the south-east Asian "King of Fruits," this ...

Split Phase with Deph and a special resident set!

Split Phase (formerly Synewave) is a live electronic duo consisting of Carl 'transient' Martin on keys and live electronics with Mike McIntosh on acoustic/electric drums and samples. Split Phase has been hard at work creating and developing a unique ...

Breaker's Paradise II : Fight Night Edition

It's time to do it again, and this time its personal! Tonight it is my pleasure to present to you Breaker's Paradise II : Fight Night Edition. For the first time at Music Ecology I have for you an ...

The Great Mundane with Dash EXP and Adam Ridge

Music Ecology presents: The Great Mundane with Dash EXP and Adam Ridge

The Great Mundane - Portland

Video game deprived and pop culturally challenged, The Great Mundane grew up in a southeastern Michigan home where TV was made of cardboard boxes ...





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