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Zebbler Encante Halloween Experience with Mung Bandit and Pressplay

Creative attire is very much encouraged for this event! Speak up if you think a costume competition is in order and we will make one happen if enough people want one!

Zebbler Encanti Experience
If you are living in Boston ...

Mr. Bill with Push/Pull & Tube at Wonder Bar

Music Ecology is excited to bring you the Boston debut of Mr. Bill, all the way from Australia!
Known for his solo work, Abelton Live tutorials as well as the project Electrocado, this is what Mr. Bill has to say ...

Bastinado Powered by Reactable with Professorpious and Digital Vagabond

Fusing the most cutting-edge piece of European musical technology, the Reactable Live with the ancient sounds of the didgeridoo. Bastinado's live shows of all original music are arranged 'on the fly', and continuously mixed like a DJ set ...

Kaminanda + Alex Russo's birthday celebration!

Music Ecology is excited to bring you the Boston debut of Kaminanda!
With support from Music Ecology residents Alex Russo (birthday set!) and the Mad Mauritian
http://blueboyproductions ...

Bass Glutton & Nite Krawla at Genesis

Bass Glutton (

Producer Nick Smeed wanted to take his music back to where he started before the aggressive styles of his more commonly know identity of L.E.D.FUT took over. Even as L.E ...





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