Viewing events from April, 2013

Northeaster Graduation Rager with DJ Zoses, callmebruce, DARKO, Mindstream, Perileyes & Foges

DJ Zoses
My interest in electronic music started when I first heard trance. Trance's progression and ability to evoke strong emotions inspired me to find more conscious altering tracks. Now, I have moved away from the trance scene into ...

Space Jesus (live) with Greenhouse Lounge & Tommie LeRaunch

Space Jesus will be performing with a live band!

Bass - Clay Parnell (Brothers Past/Biodiesel/Kick Rocks)

Drums - Rich Hartranft

Philly based EDM producer Jasha Tull has created an ever expanding and mind melting experience as Space Jesus. Exploring a ...

WALA with DJ Reverence & Kidd Drunkadelic

Dear friends, we are not sure as to the exact details of tomorrow's event at Wonder Bar because WALA's travel itinerary is currently up in the air. Regardless though, we will make tomorrow night a fundraiser for American ...

Ali Berger, Dusty Digital & Mike Rivera

Ali Berger

Ali Berger makes funk music with drum machines. He's played lots of Boston venues, including the Middle East, the Sinclair, Wonder Bar, Good Life, RISE, All Asia, and the Phoenix Landing. For this particular show, Ali is ...

Fresh Headz Takeover with Bass Glutton, Jaminic & Don Fochi

Bass Glutton

If you like music from labels like Dirtybird Records, Pets Recordings, Hot Creations etc. then you need to dive into the world of Bass Glutton. Producer/DJ Nick Smeed wanted to take his music back to where he ...





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