Viewing events from November, 2011

Split Phase and Mad Mauritian

Split Phase
Split Phase is a live electronic duo consisting of Carl 'transient' Martin on keys and live electronics with Mike McIntosh on acoustic/electric drums and samples. Split Phase has been hard at work creating and developing a unique ...

Outlet with dj_Pressplay

Music Ecology brings you the return of



Jonathan Belfontaine, otherwise known as Outlet, was destined to make music from the very beginning. At a young age, Jon was given a guitar. Soon afterward, he stumbled upon a broken amp ...

LASER SEX and The Cyborg Trio

Laser Sex comes to Boston! 

Laser Sex


The Cyborg Trio

The innovative Cyborg Trio are known for their dynamic, psychedelic improvisation and carefully crafted beats. Eric, Sammy and Tim released their ...

Space Jesus with Dave Dittmer


Space Jesus


Space Jesus is NJ based producer Jasha Tull's solo project. Jasha is the main producer on Planet Cognac's A.L.P.H.A., B.E.T.A., and xxxmass EPs.With the release of his solo ...

De Qualia, Probiotic, Mixzart and DJ Zoses

You are cordially invited to join us for a post-Halloween nightmare at Music Ecology. An all-Boston lineup ranging from dubstep, techno, to live EDM will cater to your darkest desires. Bring leftover candy, dark secrets, and of course what's ...





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