RECONSTRVCT - Bringing the highest of standards to the lowest of frequencies


When one is involved with electronic music industry as heavily as I am; it becomes easy to get jaded. In fact, what I learned from this experience is that I was jaded without even realizing that I was. Going to and / or producing 2-3 shows per week for the past 5 years I must’ve built up a certain tolerance for event awesomeness. I’ve seen amazing sets from established super stars and local up-and-comers, I’ve been to and produced parties with elaborate deco and breathtaking visuals, I’ve listened to music on great and shitty sound systems alike. I am often times impressed with music or production but my

wide-eyed and open-mouthed



has long left me without saying much of a “good bye”. I only realized this when I got a chance to feel it again at Reconstrvct.

Reconstrvct is a sporadic gathering of like-minded individuals in NYC focused around a super strong line-up of international bass music artists and Tsunami Bass sound system. The parties are usually held at a warehouse location announced to ticket holders on the day of the event. Let me tell you something! If you are a fan of bass music and you’ve never walked into a tiny warehouse playing old school jungle on 12 giant subs and 4 monitors, I highly recommend you invest in the experience. It is so choice.
To say that this is a full body experience would be saying nothing. You feel every turn of the switch, every vibration with every cell of your body, and yet you are able to exchange a few words with a friends without as much as raising your voice.

The night I was there, I caught sets by Commodo, Loxy, Clearlight, Owl, and Joe Nice unfortunately missing Truenature and DaveQ b2b Funafuji.

Loxy’s jungle set stood out to me in particular,

but, in all honesty, picking a favorite here is a total “Sophie’s choice.” I wasn’t able to stop dancing for the 5 hours I was there. Sets from Loxy and DaveQ & Funafuji are now available for streaming and download on reconstrvct’s soundcloud page. I recommend you check them out as long as you have enough sense not to try and listen to them on shitty computer speakers.

Something special must be said about the crowd at reconstrvct as well. My friend Pat Boyle may have described the crowd better than anyone else. His words were “we partied at this warehouse for 7 hours and nobody’s shit got stolen, no one got into a fight and at 5 AM everyone helped clean up and left… quietly…” I think many of you would agree that somewhere down the line things took a turn for the worst in our society. Somehow it became common to take advantage of fellow party-goers. So if you (like me) go to parties by yourself, chances are you’ve developed certain skills for staying out of trouble. You keep an eye on your belongings and your drink (since dosing people without their knowledge is somehow not punishable by a good old-fashioned flogging now), and have an arsenal of techniques to ward off assholes or crazies. Well, these skills don’t really come handy at Reconstrvct. Don’t get me wrong, a crazy asshole may wander into this party and try to steal your shit and dose your drink, but I know for a fact that in this crowd people will know if you are in trouble and will help you.

The price for reconstrvct ticket is usually somewhere around $50. (In my humble opinion, this helps keep out rando “non-believers.”) I was kinda used to what this priced ticket usually gets you: lineup, sound, lights, visuals, chill room, toys etc. - basically it buys you "bread and circuses" for a few hours, a bunch of distractions to take your mind off the mundane realities of life and maybe a safe and entertaining environment to do a bunch of psychedelic drugs at.

Well, Reconstrvct doesn’t need these bells and whistles.

The aesthetic of this party is it’s lack of aesthetic. You are in a very dark room with nothing but a little light in the DJ booth and it’s the best environment one could ask for. Why? Because in a way, this was like being in a sensory deprivation tank but with music instead of water. There were no distractions, no toys, no bullshit - just music. And just like a sensory deprivation tank is supposed to “reset” your mind; reconstrvct reset my musical attitude. Being there reminded me why I developed the passion for this industry, why I keep my inconvenient night life-style, why I keep going out on weeknights and surviving on 4 hours of sleep - it’s because I LOVE this music. The after-taste of this party is incredible. You walk out of there feeling inspired and ready to try on new projects or revamp your old ones, and you count down the days until you can experience the Tsunami Bass in all its glory again.

Reconstrvct - No bull. Just bass.

Next show will be this coming Saturday, June 7th and will feature performances by Pinch, Ishan Sound, The Ambassador, and True That.