Collecting entries for Mustache Ecology


Ever notice how it's become increasingly difficult for someone to wear a mustache these days without looking like a sexual deviant? We'd like to explore this issue a bit further, so we are hosting a Mustache Ecology competition in about a month(ish). Please send us your best mustache pic and get featured on our blog. In the meantme, we'll try to come up with a fun prize for the winner as well.

Competition rules:
  • Your face has to feature the mustache only!!! No beards, no goatees. Sideburns are OK.
  • If you are gender-capable of growing a mustache, then it has to be your own
  • If your gender doesn't allow you to grow a mustache, you may use props of your liking.
We'll announce the actual deadline for submissions closer to when it's going to get published but in the meantime you have a month to grow a lucious mustache in case you aren't sporting any facial hair at the moment.
Send pics to musicecology(at)