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Music Ecology does a THREESOME

"Three" is a powerful number. Mythology, religion, mysticism, numerology - all atribute special meaning to this particular digit and we'd like to explore this further.

Each month the three Music Ecology members will chose a topic to share three of ...

Alex Russo bullies Skrilly during "Recess"

"I'm not a critic, I just bitch a lot"

Skrillex - Recess
Overall Rating - It has its moments (6/10)
Bro Level - Max
Cool Factor - Cornballer 

 Skrillex's "debut" album Recess was released mid March, and it's everything you ...

Gossip Column


No self-respecting publication survives without a gossip column and we are no different. Besides, when one is trying to "make it" in the music industry (as we all are), there is an implied assumption that eventually one'll ...

Coming Soon + New Mix!!!

Friday, April 18th - Music Ecology Blog Launch Party @ Wonder Bar DOWNSTAIRS

Keep an eye out for upcoming details on this event!

Tuesday, April 8th - Lost in Boston Presents Prism (feat Dennison Blacket), M.Rivera, Eddy M @ Wonder Bar

Prism returns ...

Music Ecology Is Doing What???

Hey everyone,
We have some pretty exciting news to share with you today. Just because we aren't producing shows every week, does not mean we have gotten fat and lazy and stopped working on "musics". We are starting a ...