Alex Russo bullies Skrilly during "Recess"


"I'm not a critic, I just bitch a lot"

Skrillex - Recess
Overall Rating - It has its moments (6/10)
Bro Level - Max
Cool Factor - Cornballer 

 Skrillex's "debut" album Recess was released mid March, and it's everything you've come to expect from Skrillex and then some. I'm not a huge fan of brostep, and generally have shied away from almost all harder dubstep in the past few years, and let me tell you, most of this album is broier than a frat party at Coachella. But I also found a lot of stuff to really enjoy on this album, and I attribute most of that to Ol' Skrilly's attempt to branch out and "experiment"  with other genres. 

The album greets us with a sample that sounds like it was pulled from an old educational science video, preparing us for music that Skrillex implies will provide enough energy to "get a rocket a thousand miles from the earth".  

All over the first four tracks are mostly the standard roars and screams that have become Sonny's trademark over the past few years, and these tracks could easily be mistaken for "Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites" material.

    My favorite tracks are definitely on the back half of the album. Dirty Vibe featuring Diplo, G-Dragon & CL is a pretty legit trap track with some decent verses on it, I enjoyed this one. "Doompy Poomp" definitely stands out from the rest of the album with it's off kilter wonky feel and almost zero pop appeal. I love the vocal clips and glitchy edits. "Fuck That", the name alone made me assume I was going to hate this song and the intro, which immediately launches into a pretty intense buildup, didn't seem promising, but the contrast between the buildup and the Dirtybird-esque deep house drop makes for my favorite track on the album by far. 

    Overall I liked this album more than I was expecting. I've always respected Skrillex as a massively popular producer, and I've caught a couple of his live shows which seem to consistently have enormous amounts of energy (enough to get a rocket a thousand miles from the earth?).  Fans of aggressive dubstep should find plenty to play with in Recess, tech house and Dirtybird heads have a confusing but awesome win with "Fuck that", trap and rap enthusiasts will likely cotton to "Dirty Vibe", the FlyLo/Brainfeeder crowd should give props for Doompy Poomp getting a proper release on this album, and classic dubstep kids… Well you're probably gonna hate this no matter what because it's Skrillex, but at least he's paying some homage ;)