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Music Ecology welcomes something a little bit different this week. We are very proud to host Fractillian (tribal electronica). Fractillian are more than just a band; they are an entity that slithers into the fabric of the human experience. Looking to the future and the past, we embrace our present.
Fractillian is a ritualistic practice as much as it is music, blending conscious states together, altering one's perceived reality. Sonically penetrating during sleep-state listenings, Fractillian is a third eye-opening experience. As alive and unique to that moment in time as the transcendent music that powers your life, composed by your own existence.
With no fixed roster, the Fractillian climbs to the surface in ever-evolving forms.

Support will be provided by

Urethra Franklin (Jeff Johnson & Noah Bond)
Urethra Franklin is a Masked Noise Rock Duo based in the Boston Area, composed of two members of the local band Doomstar!

Peace and Quiet (Brendan Smith & Dan Kenney)
Peace & Quiet is a noise rock duo from Boston comprised of Daniel C. Kenney and Asteroid M Project founder Brendan Smith. Together they weave a unique mix of electronic grooves, funky guitars, and synthesizer texture into heavy post-punk pulses.

Ratking (Lex Russo & Mark Johnson)
To create everything out of nothing and to, as often as possible, keep redefining the use of objects and traditional instruments. To always keep this challace of drone, abrasive noise, distorted beats, ethereal vocals. Lex Russo and Mark Johnson join forces to create apocalyptic and complex waves of brutal and simultaneously lulling walls of sound, mixed with beat oriented ambient sections.

9 PM, 21+, $5

Wonder Bar
186 Harvard Avenue
Allston, MA
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