Astronaut School Tour - Space Jesus, Freddy Todd, and more!


I'll keep this one short and sweet. Astronaut School Tour featuring Freddy Todd and Space Jesus hits Portland, Maine tonight, and Boston on Saturday, and both nights will feature art from The Welch Brothers. These are must see shows because Freddy Todd, Spacey J, and The Welch Brothers, but there's MORE - tonight in Portland Zebbler is in the house with VISURREAL on the stage design, and the support lineup is no joke either - Supersillyus, Esseks, and Levitation Jones. If you don't know these acts now is the time to check them out. Asylum in Portland is a little roomier and houses 8 dual 18" subs - the sound and visuals are gonna be massive - Middle East should be a good ol fashioned dirty water basement rager. No need to choose, go to both shows... and then catch them again next week in Providence ;)