Polina's & Moldy's B-Days with performances by Moldy, JSB, General Motor and FDOT


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Dear friends,
Please join me for some epic shenanigans as I turn yet another year older. I believe this year I will be 568 but having been a vampire for as long as I have I really have lost count. I will share the spotlight this year with Moldy whose birthday has been commandeered by baby Jesus so Moldy never gets as much attention as he deserves on his special day.

I believe I will do a booze buy out again this year for the early birds so keep an eye out for the announcement and come early for the free beers.

I have been blessed with many friends who volunteered to provide excellent musical entertainment. I wish I could cram all of them into one evening but, alas, it would be a total technical clusterfuck. So prepare to be musically delighted by:



JSB (Afterlife / The DROP)


General Motor (Together)




This is a Friday night gig DOWNSTAIRS at Wonder Bar which means that upstairs there will be a top 40 crowd. They may even wonder down to the basement to see what up. Don't get scared! Remember, they are more afraid of you than you are of them.

I hope to see many of you there. Again, I encourage you to come early mostly because I will probably be too drunk at the end of the night. Bring friends, significant others, parents and children over 21 (especially if they are of the male blonde persuasion)

Love ya,

Polina Volchek

Wonder Bar
186 Harvard Avenue
Allston, MA
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