Etheric Double Soundsystem with Pressplay and M-Cue


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Etheric Double Soundsystem

Within the material body of all living organisms exist currents of energy called “ether”, providing life and health. The flow, distribution, and storage of this energy takes place within a field that surrounds and permeates the body. This field is called the “etheric double”. The etheric double supplies the physical body with the vitality necessary for its existence and well b...eing. The relationship between the body and the etheric double is equivalent to that of a battery and the electricity within it.
Etheric Double is a producer using music as a means to raise social and environmental awareness. Projects include:

Etheric Double Soundsystem: Experimental live pa experience, fusing a variety of music styles into a cohesive mix of sounds, commonly referred to as groove sorcery. Meant to awaken and inspire the listener to reconnect with their animalistic roots, the music of Etheric Double Soundsystem, though unorganic in nature, calls on us to abandon the confines of our industrial cages and embrace the primal archetypes within.

Resident Anti-Hero: Guerilla Hop at its finest. Resident Anti-Hero is a two piece live fusion of electronic dance music and hip-hop. Focused on the development of an ongoing mythology, the group utilizes the metaphor of ‘man vs. machine’ to create musical stories meant to inspire the downfall of industrial civilization.

Apostle & Etheric Double: Etheric Double co-produced and created the music for Heavyweight Dub Champion emcee Apostle’s 2007 solo album ‘Lyrical Activism’. The two have reunited to create a live show fusing spoken word poetry with electronic dance music. Apostle & Etheric Double create a new sonic atmosphere, being referred to as electronic dub poetry.

Pressplay (Funktion |

A boston based DJ focusing on danceable synth leads surrounded by the dirtiest of bass lines. You will have a tough time standing still while listening to his carefully crafted mix sets which build slowly from the ground up, evenly distrubuting street-bass and purple-wow dubstep to your brain with hints of house, dnb, and drumstep mixed in.

Check out Pressplay's live @ No Tomorrow set here:

Check out Pressplay's other mixtapes here:


M-CUE is a Trinidadian-born Producer/Lyricist/Sound Designer. He was once guitarist and vocalist in rock band Sons of You, MC in BQEZ, and, most recently, Musical Director of Oxytocin, a collective of videogame developer musicians and producers. His music is made up of tough beats, danceable hooks, organic/synth hybrids, and vocal sampling. His music is a mismash of hiphop, electronic, dancehall and ethnic grooves. A natural lyricist and songwriter, Cue often samples himself and his peers, and will even write something pretty from time to time (just not that often ;P).

Check out his stuff on oxytocinmusic's website (

M-Cue's new album Time Boxing has been released @
Check out the single "Mouse and Friend" MV @'s new album Time Boxing has been released @
Check out the single "Mouse and Friend" MV @

Live painting by Landon Richmond

Visuals by our resident VJ Shmeejay

Photography by Dave Foresman

10 PM, $5, 21+
186 Harvard Avenue in Allston
"Harvard Avenue" stop on Green line B

For this and future events please visit
or find us on Facebook at

Promotional assistance provided by:

and Forbidden Bass Crew

Wonder Bar
186 Harvard Avenue
Allston, MA
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