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Durians (NY)
“...an ambitious and highly danceable experiment, recalling STS9 at their most electro, or perhaps Daft Punk at their most organic...” - Dan Bolles, 7Days Magazine, Burlington, VT Dec 15th, 2010
Named after the south-east Asian "King of Fruits," this powerful Electronica band is a boundary-buster. The three-piece group plays original music in the styles of Drum n' Bass, Nu-Jazz, Dub-step, House, and Psychedelia. Their live vibe is high-energy, intense, psychedelic, and often humorous, incorporating live visuals, gnome costumes and handing out strange Durians-themed prizes. The music itself is heavy, organic, anthemic and laden with improvisation. The musicians play a network of instrument-machines, controlled not only by MIDI instruments like keyboards and pads, but also by heavily modified acoustic instruments, such as trombone, trumpet, MIDI-fied bass guitar, recorder, MIDI-fied theremin and live drums.

"...This is live-instrument electronic music on steroids, featuring dance-inducing break-beats and drum and bass amongst a psychedelic swirl of sonic delights." - Ed Dufresne, Montpelier Times Argus, 8/28/09

The troupe began in Burlington, VT with multi-instrumentalists Eli Chalmer and Nick Kirshnit, as well as drummer Spurl Posilac. Chalmer and Kirshnit were classically trained as youths to be orchestral musicians, and they combine this training with influence from such artists as Bonobo, the Cinematic Orchestra, Radiohead, Sonic Youth, Amon Tobin, Infected Mushroom and Squarepusher to invent their new sound.

" ...like Aphex twin and Squarepusher but they take it to the next level..." - DJ Lovelace, Brooklyn College Radio, (Nov 12, 2010)

On June 1st, the band re-located to New York City and picked up a new drummer, Bushwick resident Ryan Ramirez. With Ramirez, the group blasted forth with new live grimy Dub-step techniques and blazing drum n' bass anthems. The group has since self-released an EP entitled "Adrenochrome Gnome." The EP is available at www.duriansmusic.com and in Itunes, Rhapsody, and other mp3 stores.

Eelko, born Christopher Carchedi, is a live performing artist hailing from Boston, who, with his music, blurs the lines between hip hop, funk, trance, dubstep, and a plethora of many other influences. Drawing inspiration from a love of avante garde jazz and free form ‘jam’ music, Eelko’s live performances are always kept fresh and interesting.

Helping him to achieve keeping live performance as live as possible is the use of the device known as the Monome. The Monome is a gride-style, adaptable, minimalist interface of reconfigurable backlit keypads which connects to a computer. The interaction between keys and lights is determined by the application running on the computer. (see: monome.org).

This will be Eelko's third appearance at Music Ecology and each and every time his music keeps hitting harder and harder!

Ammon EP (Sonic Beating)
A DJ since the age of 16, Ammon's Journey began upon seeing his parents dancing to the James Brown he was playing at a small family gathering. From that point he began to pursue an understanding of every form of dance/electronic music that the mid to latter 90's had to offer, from Hip-Hop, Old School Funk, Drum n' Bass, IDM, Trip-Hop, Goa, Big Beat, House, Trance and all variants in between.

Around 98' he was exposed to Psychedelic Trance and was immediately drawn to its deep tribal roots and its diverse musical range. For the next 8 years he was primarily a Psy Trance DJ. Upon moving to Boston he began working at the infamous Satellite Records where he met a befriended many of Boston's most prominent underground Dj's and promoters. Dj's such as Dave Sky, Pat Fontes, Tari, Chuck Caseroc, Osheen, George Nessis, and Shannon Shalako. At the same time he was supporting the local Psy Trance scene and playing out at show's organized by Djs Dave West, Dino and Dave Henshaw of Changmian Productions, as well as residing over a weekly at the Phoenix Landing called Resurrection with the Blacksmith and Helicopter Pete.

Around the early 2000's Ammon and Nick Binary founded Sonic Beating, a production team focused in "larger than life" sound design and event organizing. From there the community continued to coalesce and the monthly event Psyforia was born. The show ran for about 6 years at the legendary Marsh Post legion hall overlooking the charles river. It was one of the few events in the city that was thrown outside for the entire summer.

During that time Ammon began returning to his roots and found that his deep appreciation for the House influenced style of Progressive Psy was leading him full circle back to playing Deep/Tech House. His introduction to Boston's Burner community allowed him to further cultivate his style at loft parties and at Burning Man itself. He now plays and promotes a wide range of House, Techno and Electro, performing at clubs and radio shows up and down the east coast, as well as continuing to be involved in Psyforia as well as the new sister show, FWD.

Visuals by VJ Shmeejay

The Wonder Bar
186 Harvard ave. Allston MA
Harvard ave stop off the Green B train
10pm-2am $5 21+ no dresscode

For this and future events please visit
or find us on Facebook at

Promotional assistance provided by:
Lostin Sound

and Forbidden Bass Crew

Wonder Bar
186 Harvard Avenue
Allston, MA
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