Ample Mammal (The Polish Ambassador) & De Qualia


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Ample Mammal (AKA The Polish Ambassador)
An expert composer of glitchy vocals, mashed-up beats and strong, catchy synth melodies, San Franciso-based Ample Mammal (David Sugalski, aka The Polish Ambassador) is quickly becoming the West Coast, more sophisticated version of Girl Talk – a one man, eight channel master of mixing samples, kinetic beats, sliced up vocals and elegant atmospheric effects and cres...cendos. Unlike Girl Talk, however, Sugalski’s music is primarily original material, but heavy with mashed-up sounds and samples that are tweaked to near unrecognizability, ala The Chemical Brothers.

Known for his energetic live laptop/midi sets as The Polish Ambassador - bouncing up and down in a signature vintage Swiss jumpsuit, (which he’s considering insuring) and using 5-7 channels - Ample Mammal’s debut 14-track album demonstrates Sugalski’s typical intense vitality and animal charm. However, “Mating Season” is a more varied, downtempo departure from his more high-energy, kitchy alter ego The Polish Ambassador. The jumpsuit is gone and the songs exhibit a more intelligent and intricate artistry.

The track titles are ripe with science references. And, the mixology, concoctions and cutting and splicing are evident in each track. If a science lab project and an after-hours underground party collided, it might sound like Ample Mammal.

Already getting heavy play on Pandora and local Bay Area radio stations including Berkeley’s KALX, Ample Mammal is bringing his highly unique sound to the oft-times formulaic and duplicitous electronic dance genre. And, he’s poised to find his infectious dance music and live performances embraced by a larger International audience.

Support act and De Qualia

The term Qualia is used to describe the subjective quality of conscious experience. Qualia embody the ineffable.

De Qualia's production is progressive, unpredictable, unprecedented and rich with detail and organic textures. De Qualia oscillates in and out of techno, never afraid to dip into any genre he pleases at any moment. His unmistakable mixing style comprised of intricate rhythms, snarling synths, meticulous design, ineluctable throbs and breathing basslines will naturally evolve as Jonathan Baruc furthers his exploration into the unexplored space and structure of sound.

De Qualia is the creator and mixer of the notoriously eclectic and progressive EDM radio show, The Weekly Crash ( He is responsible for administering exceptional live productions as one third of Boston bassfunk providers, UnHeardUv.

Currently stationed in Boston, De Qualia prepares for extraterrestrial bassfunk protocol for 2011. Whether on tables, CD-J's, MIDI controllers, a DJ app on his smartphone, or all the above, De Qualia never fails to fully captivate those engaged.

Feather Designs by Kayla and Janelle
"Feathers being our ultimate muse/inspiration, we have joined together to create feather savvy fashion for you. Along with feather hair extensions, we also have various sorts of feathered jewelry ranging from earrings, necklaces, pendants, to clip-on feather extensions, and more. These rooster feathers are a beautiful, natural, and vibrant touch, lasting anywhere from 3-4 months+."

Live painting by Zachary Nolin

Visuals by VJ Shmeejay

The Wonder Bar
186 Harvard ave. Allston MA
Harvard ave stop off the Green B train
10pm-2am $5 21+ no dresscode

For this and future events please visit
or find us on Facebook at

Promotional assistance provided by:
Lostin Sound

and Forbidden Bass Crew

Wonder Bar
186 Harvard Avenue
Allston, MA
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